Doctor Yum’s Preschool Food Adventure

Would you like to try some spinach?

Meet Dr. Yum, the pediatrician behind the Dr. Yum Project. Below you will meet her friends, Coach Mel her handy helper My Munch Bug. Together they guide preschool teachers and their students through 2 years worth of fruit and veggie adventures, 18 to be exact! The curriculim was launched in 2013 and is currenlty being used in preschools all over the Fredericksburg area. Each lesson consisits of a recipe, followed by helpful tips on how to encourage kids to experience new fruits and veggies.

Meet the team

Dr. Yum

Coach Mel

Super Munch Bug

Helpful illustrations



Cutting & Pouring

Happy Helpers

Kids in the kitchen

"One of the goals of the Preschool Food Adventure is to continue a food education at home. Parents of each preschooler are provided materials like a parent manual with information on how to introduce healthy eating to preschoolers at home.”

-Dr. Nimali Fernando, MD, MPH (aka Dr. Yum) Visit